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Most recent articles quoting Jane: Learning to Let Go: Understanding Founder’s SyndromeOvercoming Founder’s Syndrome: Practical tips for founders, boards of directors and employeesMoving toward Decent Work: How changing employment standards are impacting the nonprofit sectorDealing with difficult executive directors: Tips for nonprofit boards and Dealing with difficult boards: Tips for executive directors, all at Charity Village.

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You are welcome to link to any of the resources on this site or the blog site. You are welcome to use the resources for your not-for-profit organization or consulting practice, with attribution to Jane Garthson, and to the original publisher if applicable. I am moving towards retirement and have no interest in being proprietary or restrictive. I prefer that any wisdom I have gained from my experiences, learnings and failures be available to help others.

If you wish to reprint an article, please do me the courtesy of letting me know, and sending me a copy of the publication it was reprinted in. Please read my Values list first, and avoid reprinting in a publication with a conflicting purpose.

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