Badge, Interim Academy Graduate, Third Sector Company, 2020

Trusted Leadership Mentor and Senior Advisor to Canadian Chairs, Boards and Senior Management

We serve leaders (paid and unpaid) of

  • Professional and Industry Associations;
  • Charities and Advocacy bodies;
  • Community and hobby organizations;
  • Crown agencies and corporations;
  • Any group seeking to better their community and/or our planet.
Our focus is supporting Interim and new leaders, and those leading through major transitions.
Some services can be customized to serving Boards, committees and senior teams. All services are virtual, so are available anywhere we can make the time difference work.

Indigenous leaders in Canada will be considered for Pro Bono services.

Jane’s Recent Podcast and Video Interviews

The Small Nonprofit Podcast with me came out on February 21, 2022 with a focus on Interim Executive Leadership.

The Nonprofit Show with me as interviewee was live on February 2, 2022. The focus was using Structured Coaching with new and Interim nonprofit leaders.

My podcast interview on why not-for-profit boards might consider an Interim Executive came out June 11, 2020.

If you listen to or watch any of these, please consider adding a rating or review. These free resources are wonderful; I’m so honoured to have been included.

Nonprofit Board Summit Feb 26-28, 2021

Jane was of the speakers, sharing the podium with Alice Collier Cochran on Day One about effective board meetings (Why Board Meetings Don’t Have to be Bored Meetings).