Executive Mentor to NFP Leaders

The New Board Chair

If you are a new board chair, or hoping to become one soon, would you like an experienced short-term (perhaps six months) experienced mentor? We could schedule two 90-minute Zoom sessions a month to talk about:

  • Developing board agendas and decision support packages
  • Chairing board and Annual General meetings
  • Reviewing board minutes
  • Recruiting, orienting, training and engaging board members
  • Board operations structures, such officers, committees and task forces
  • The Chair’s relationship with the CEO or Executive Director
  • Evaluating CEO/ED performance
  • Board and CEO succession planning
  • The Chair’s role in community engagement (and fundraising if applicable)
  • Constructively handling dissent and conflict
  • Dealing with non-performing board members
  • Ethics and values as they relate to the role of the chair, board, senior staff and organization
  • The Chair’s role in strategic planning
  • Your legacy as a Chair
  • Self-care as a Chair
  • Any other issue for which YOU deem a confidential sounding board conversation, with someone who has probably dealt with related issues herself, would help you.

The New CEO or Executive Director

Same list as above but from your perspective! Plus:

  • Balancing strategic support to the board and board committees with operating the organization
  • Involving staff members in support to the Board.

The New Interim CEO or Executive Director

If you are or are about to become an Interim Executive at a Not-for-Profit, you may find this page more helpful.

And If You Aren’t New to Your Role?

The Executive Mentor services are also available to you, and could be especially helpful if you are leading during a major transition. One of the toughest is moving from an all-volunteer organization to one with staff. Another big challenge comes when a long-term founder is departing. What situation are you facing?


This is not Executive Coaching – it is aimed at your success in your current role and the success of your current organization. Jane can give referrals to excellent executive coaches for longer-term support.

Jane is limited in the number of Executive Mentor clients she can accept and still devote enough time to each agenda, meeting recap, related research and of course 100% focus during each meeting. She has a wonderful network of colleagues to refer you to if she is fully booked. Also, to preserve confidentiality, she cannot take on two clients from the same organization, so gives referrals in those situations as well.