Testimonial Examples

Note: The testimonial providers are shown with the title they held at the time, and may no longer hold.

Executive Peer Mentor Coaching Client (name withheld for privacy)

I had the good fortune of meeting Jane when she became the interim director at the charity I worked at. Jane is so invested in coaching non-profit leaders, she saw something in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. She took me on as a client and I benefited so much from her mentorship. Today, I am personally and professionally thriving, thanks to Jane’s patience and commitment to her work.

Ontario Association of Optometrists – Governance and CEO Succession Planning

Your help in 2018 was incredibly important and we have only last week completed our hiring process for our next CEO after the former CEO declared her intention to retire. Without the policy you helped us to draft, the process would have been far more fractious and would have yielded a poorer result.

Dr. Joshua Smith, Chair

CatalystsX – Strategic Planning (later became Interim CEO)

“Jane spent extra time getting to know the organization’s history and personal dynamics between the directors. This included several pre-calls. She was very intentional and thoughtful about how she wanted to spend the group’s time. She wanted to make every aspect of the day useful, including the icebreaker, and ensure that the energy level was high throughout the day. Jane was extremely flexible and generous with her own time, and a comforting presence to both the board and our management team. She drew on her extensive experience and often had relevant insight or anecdotes when we needed some guidance. We are extremely thankful to have her support the organization!”

Vicky Au, Board Member, CatalystsX and Victoria Alleyne, CEO

PEACH (Promoting Education and Health) – Board Intervention and Strategic Planning

“The Board and staff of PEACH would like to express their sincere gratitude to you on facilitating the recent workshop and information session. We were impressed by your patience and expertise in handling the very challenging set of circumstances presented to you. Your advice is invaluable to us all, and should certainly make PEACH a better organization going forward. Again, many thanks for your contributions to our cause and that of our community.

Best regards: Maurice O. Thompson, Acting Chair (Maurice later added, “Jane is the best facilitator EVER”).

SALCO (South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario) – Strategic Planning and Governance

“We found Jane to be an exceptionally professional consultant, meticulous in terms of delivering on her promises efficiently and invaluable in terms of her ability to customize the experience and outcomes to the organization and board/staff culture and needs [snipped – details regarding the strategic planning situation and outcomes].

Subsequently, we went back to Jane for governance training our new board because she provides non-profit organizations with high quality professional services for a rational cost. What is perhaps most credible is that Jane remains interested in the organization and becomes its champion long after the professional relationship has ended. It is her continued interest in SALCO that makes her an invaluable resource and that makes us recommend her highly to any one seeking her professional skills.”

Uzma Shakir, Executive Director

Ontario Racing Commission

Jane was a Commissioner and Chair of Governance. When this government agency was later the subject of a review, Jane was told the reviewers expressed great surprise at how far ahead the agency was in governance compared to others it had reviewed. Jane later received this note from the Corporate Secretary, relaying the agency’s response:

“We have spoken your name with pride this year when dealing with the agency review on governance. We were blessed with Jane Garthson as Commissioner.”

John Blakney, Executive Director

Toronto Cat Rescue – Governance (later became Interim Executive Director)

Jane came to help our organization when we were experiencing a variety of growing pains stemming from quick organizational growth.  Her expert knowledge, good nature, and honest approach gave our group a foothold to start reshaping our organization.  Jane’s knowledge and experience in the sector is invaluable for organizations like ours who have grown beyond their capacity.

Kyra Augustyn, Executive Member of the Board

Government Integrity Officer (name confidential) – Presenter

Through your engaging case scenarios, you exposed us to the interesting field of ethics and governance in civil society, its particular challenges and the manner in which these can be addressed.