Vision Values and Mission


An amazing, sustainable, healthy world with social justice, creativity and abundance

We Value and Believe In

  • Recognizing and creating abundance through collaboration.

  • Creating and maintaining an inclusive and ethical world of fairness, peace, diversity and human rights.

  • Taking action to create a better world and a future for the human race.

  • Establishing social and economic justice within an interdependent and interconnected world.

  • Celebrating lifelong creativity for all, rewarding and respecting excellence but not as the only measure of creative success.

  • Promoting lifelong learning for the joy of acquiring and sharing new knowledge and skills.

  • Treating people and animals with respect, kindness and compassion.

  • Ensuring future generations of children have an Earth that includes wild tigers, polar bears and whales, and a natural environment that supports biodiversity and health.


To create better futures for communities and organizations through values-based leadership.

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