Who We Serve and How

We serve chairs, boards, board committees, CEOs, Executive Directors and senior management teams of:

  • Professional and Industry Associations;
  • Charities and Advocacy bodies;
  • Community and hobby organizations;
  • Crown agencies and corporations;
  • Any group seeking to better their community and/or our planet.

What we can do for you:

  • Serve as a virtual advisor to your interim CEO/Executive Director (throughout Interim role);

  • Serve as a virtual advisor to your new Chair, Committee chairs and CEO/Executive Director (six months recommended);

  • Provide confidential guidance to leaders dealing with governance or ethical dilemmas (one-time or periodic);

  • Develop Board and senior executive succession policies and plans, and support governance during executive transitions;

  • Review governance policies and policy manuals to recommend actions and priorities

  • Serve as a virtual advisor to less experienced governance consultants, board secretaries and governance committees.


Ethical values underpin and support all the work of the Garthson Leadership Centre. Your organization’s ethical values arise from the world or community your organization seeks to help create, as well as the personal and professional ethics of the people in the organization. If those are the values you wish to see in the external world, they should be modeled by the organization and all of its people.

There are many ways to reinforce and recognize ethical conduct and practices. As part of her other work, Jane can help people in organizations articulate, understand and apply the values, and communicate values-based reasons for their decisions.

Governance Background (see also Jane’s bio)

We have proven success in governance reviews, start-up governance, governance training, board orientations, board policy development, board and CEO assessments, board and CEO succession planning and board interventions. We have contributed to the Reimagining Governance initiative of the Ontario Nonprofit Network, and to two international initiatives aimed at reinventing governance. There is no one right model in a sector that is so innovative and creative.

We ask and help you answer:

  • Questions that help people and organizations reach their highest potential;
  • Questions that inspire and engage;
  • Questions that generate creativity, curiosity, innovation;
  • Questions that draw out and build on the wisdom and knowledge of your people;
  • Questions that motivate your people to find resources and means to achieve the very best results; and
  • Questions that will drive positive change for your community and organization.

Our questions meet you where you are and help take you towards your ideal future. We organize and build on your responses, adding our knowledge, experience and recommendations. You will have the strategic information and wise advice you need to set new directions, implement better practices, and lead well and ethically into the future you desire.