Our Approach to Governance

Maybe you are frustrated with a governance structure that doesn’t seem to add the value it should. Maybe your directors don’t feel their time and effort isn’t  making as much of a difference for their community as they had hoped. Maybe senior staff see the board as a drain on resources instead of a method of adding significant value. Maybe there is role confusion and a lack of clarity about accountability for results.

We work to ensure associations, charities, crown corporations and community organizations have the very best leadership approach and structure for making the key decisions and guiding the organization.  Jane is available only for small virtual projects; she can sub-contract or make referrals for larger or in-person work. Our work is based on:

  • What impact you want to achieve for your community
  • Latest wise thinking in nonprofit governance (not “Best Practices”)
  • Your organization’s values, culture and history
  • Supporting your engagement with your community, staff and other stakeholders
  • Existing and new government requirements
  • Member, funder and community expectations

Learn more at Governance Resources.

We do not provide legal services or executive recruitment, but we can recommend excellent professionals for such work or collaborate with your chosen providers. We strongly recommend you choose people who specialize in serving nonprofits.Testimonials


“Your help in 2018 was incredibly important and we have only last week completed our hiring process for our next CEO. Without the CEO Succession Policy you helped us to draft, the process would have been far more fractious and would have yielded a poorer result.”

Dr. Joshua C. Smith, Chair, Ontario Association of Optometrists

“For the past year Jane Garthson has been working with the Standardbred Canada Board of Directors reviewing the overall governance and policy handbook of our 6,000 member association.  This has led to some key distinctions and improvements to our board governance and most importantly through her facilitative leadership has garnered buy-in and support of the board in ensuring that it is firing on all cylinders, now and for the future.
Dan Gall, President and CEO, Standardbred Canada

From a governance workshop:

“I can’t articulate enough how engaging and interesting your workshop on board governance was last night. I want to thank you for running a great interactive session and as I mentioned, your rating has been the highest of all the workshops and the most well attended.”

Tina Sweeney, Outreach and Partnerships Officer, CUSO International.