Corporate Boards

Jane is interested in serving as a governing director or member of a professional advisory group for a private company or small business that seeks ongoing expertise in governance, ESG, strategic thinking and values-based leadership.

Jane has provided consulting services to a number of corporations, such as Bayer Canada, as a senior associate of EthicScan Canada, where she also was part of a team designing a comprehensive CSR evaluation for companies. She has taken two courses with the Institute of Corporate Directors * and attended a number of their professional development events, including a national conference. She also follows the work of the international Competent Boards organization and has attended some of its ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) sessions.

The courses she has taken so far at the Institute for Corporate Directors are Enterprise Risk Oversight for Directors and Climate Change Competitiveness. She has also been faculty at the Chartered Directors College at McMaster, in an Audit Committee Certification course.