Association Leadership

The Garthson Leadership Centre provides values-based leadership services to professional, industry, trade, sport and hobby associations.

Services to associations include:

  • Serving as an interim CEO, President or Executive Director during leadership transitions.

  • Reviewing governance and recommending governance changes, including advice to your bylaws task force and lawyer.

  • Facilitating the creation or review of Vision, Values and Mission statements.

  • Developing strategic plans and enhancing strategic thinking.

  • Providing leadership training in governance, ethics and planning, including for individuals supporting board decision-making.

  • Preparing or reviewing governance policies and policy manuals.

  • Holding stakeholder consultations to obtain ideas, perspectives and decision support from members, staff, peers, suppliers, partners, oversight bodies, critics and local communities.

  • Preparing ethics policies, including Codes of Conduct, Codes of Ethics, Conflict of Interest and Ethics Reporting (Whistle-blowing).

  • Providing strategic support for partnership decisions.

  • Evaluating social responsibility and/or ethics practices in relation to corporate policies and to industry, national or international standards.