Corporate Leadership

The Garthson Leadership Centre provides values-based leadership services to businesses that have chosen to confirm or enhance their governance, ethical corporate culture or corporate social responsibility (CSR). These services include:
  • Serving as a governing director or member of a professional advisory group for a company that seeks ongoing expertise in governance, strategic thinking, ethics and social responsibility.
  • Establishing or reviewing the governance approach and facilitating dialogues to choose and plan for implementing wise governance policies and practices.
  • Facilitating sessions designed to review, clarify or articulate your Vision, Values and Mission Statements and give high level strategic direction.
  • Designing programs and policies to ensure continued leadership in CSR and corporate ethics, including monitoring how well these values are integrated throughout the organization.
  • Preparing or reviewing Codes of Conduct, Codes of Ethics, Conflict of Interest policies and Ethics Reporting (whistle-blowing) programs.
  • Designing and delivering CSR and ethics training programs for all levels of the organization.
  • Designing a customized ethical decision-making model for the organization.
  • Providing strategic support for community investment (sponsorship, grant, philanthropy, in-kind services, corporate volunteering) and partnership decisions.
  • Evaluating social responsibility and/or ethics practices in relation to corporate policies and to industry, national or international standards.
  • Holding stakeholder consultations to obtain ideas, perspectives, engagement and decision support from staff, customers, suppliers, partners, oversight bodies, critics and local communities.

Note: Jane Garthson belonged to the Institute for Corporate Directors and attended a number of their professional development sessions, including the Enterprise Risk Oversight for Directors course.