Optional Planning Services

Services we’d love to help you with or provide, or you could use internal resources. Mix and match! We know it depends on both your financial and your human resources (skills and time).

  • Interviews with key external stakeholders
  • Focus groups, town halls, design thinking sessions and/or surveys (e.g., staff, members, clients, donors)
  • Review of external documents and summary of external situation
  • Internal situational analysis/organizational wellness assessment
  • Preliminary reading for planning participants
  • Advance session with board and senior staff on principles of strategic planning and discussion of Work Plan
  • Advance session(s) with staff members and/or volunteers to discuss the process and your environment
  • Facilitation of community-wide planning session(s)
  • Facilitation of joint planning sessions with related organizations<
  • Revisions to draft Strategic Plan and Strategic Action Plan
  • Strategic thinking sessions devoted to key and emerging issues
  • Additional community/stakeholder engagement to comment on draft plan or key choices yet to be made
  • Decision support for approval of plans
  • Communications back to consulted individuals and organizations
  • Draft community communications documents
  • Advice and assistance to senior staff or committees in plan implementation and integration into business/operational plans
  • Developing of Plan monitoring report/dashboard for board
  • Development of operational and related plans
  • Risk oversight/management review and plan<
  • Follow-up assistance with barriers and other implementation issues
  • Governance training, such as on building strategic thinking into all board meetings
  • Assistance with using Strategic Plan in government reports, grant submissions, etc.

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