Part Time Executive

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Looking for paid leadership but don’t have the resources for a full time executive?

Or simply don’t need that much staff time at an executive level?

Good news – you’ve found a leader with experience as a part-time Executive Director ready to take on that role for you (virtual or within commuting distance of Toronto)!

What happens when your organization hires Jane Garthson as its part-time Executive Director?

  • Your organization has the operational leadership it needs to serve its mission, make progress on strategic priorities and engage its community;
  • The Board receives great strategic advice on decisions and issues;
  • If administrative, fundraising or other skill sets are needed, good staff and suppliers are engaged, managed and coached in a progressive, positive manner that builds on their strengths and supports great outcomes;
  • The work can be done from Jane’s fully equipped home office, with virtual and/or in person meetings, if that meets your organization’s needs;
  • She co-ordinates with your association management company if applicable.
  • You get the best possible results from your available resources, and support for growth if desired.

What does Jane Garthson bring to the role?Jane headshot wo mike

  • A fast learner with exceptional ability to ask the right questions and absorb information about your culture and situation;
  • A systems thinker who will see the patterns and will facilitate catalytic conversations to generate innovative ways to achieve the vision;
  • A leader with successful experience in managing the operations of nonprofit and government organizations;
  • A person fully comfortable with diversity, people from all generations, virtual relationships and meetings, and today’s information technology;
  • A person with high level expertise in governance, planning, finance and more, to support high quality board decision-making and lead effectively;
  • A person of great integrity, who you can trust and who will build great relationships with your staff team, volunteers, members, alliances, partners, regulators and major funders;
  • An individual who has the core competencies you need to run the organization consistent with policies and plans approved by the Board;
  • A strong communicator who, in partnership with the chair, will explain organizational decisions and ensure appropriate transparency and accountability; and
  • A person with great respect for your cause, the people you seek to benefit and the efforts of volunteers and staff in service to the cause.