Interim Executive

Are you worried about an executive dirWorriedManector position coming vacant or already vacant because of a sabbatical, maternity leave, illness or sudden parting of the ways?

Need to ensure the organization keeps moving forward during the leave or permanent recruitment?

Then relax – you’ve found someone with a record of successful Interim Executive roles to make that happen!

We provide proven, experienced, hit-the-ground running, hands-on, interim leadership, full or part time, during hiring, maternity leaves, sabbaticals and start-ups.

What happens when your organization hires Jane Garthson as Interim CEO or Executive Director?

  • Your organization continues to serve its mission, make progress on strategic priorities and engage its community;
  • The Board receives great strategic advice on decisions and issues;The work of Board and staff members is not disrupted by the need to fill in for the Executive Director’s duties;
  • Excellent candidates apply for the permanent role, if applicable, because they see a wisely led organization and no pre-chosen individual (i.e., no one is acting in the role);
  • The Board has the time to conduct a great recruitment process, and not feel rushed because work is piling up; and
  • The Board and Jane work to create a smooth transition and a positive environment of success for the new or returning permanent executive.

What does Jane Garthson bring to the role?

  • A fast learner with exceptional ability to ask the right questions and absorb information about your culture and situation, so she can quickly be effective in a short term role;
  • A systems thinker who will see the patterns and will facilitate catalytic conversations to generate innovative ways to achieve the vision;
  • A leader with successful experience in managing the operations of nonprofit and government organizations;
  • A person fully comfortable with diversity, people from all generations and today’s information technology and fast communication;
  • A person with high level expertise in governance, planning, finance and more, to support high quality board decision-making and lead effectively;
  • A person of great integrity, who you can trust and who will build great relationships with your staff team, volunteers, members, alliances, partners, regulators and major funders;
  • An individual who has the core competencies you need to run the organization consistent with policies and plans approved by the Board;
  • A strong communicator who, in partnership with the chair, will explain organizational decisions and ensure appropriate transparency and accountability; and
  • A person with great respect for your cause, the people you seek to benefit and the efforts of volunteers and staff in service to the cause.

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