Values & Ethics Services

Ethics Oversight

  • Reviewing plans, proposals, program initiation, projects or activities through an ethics lens
  • Acting as a Fairness Commissioner overseeing new programs
  • Making recommendations to improve oversight of ethical policies and practices

Ethics Program Development

  • Facilitating the development of Values Statements and Codes
  • Facilitating dialogues about ethical dilemmas and decision-making
  • Developing and implementing training programs, Codes and policies
  • Developing customized ethical decision-making systems
  • Updating ethical programs to reflect changes in mission, environment or stakeholder expectations
  • Developing metrics/outcomes measures for ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability programs

Ongoing Ethics Advice and Guidance

  • Helping Board members and senior staff make specific ethical decisions and deal with ethical dilemmas
  • Acting as a technical resource on ethics to Boards, committees, ethics officers, teams and task forces

Diagnostics, Evaluation and Complaints

  • Ethical risk assessments
  • Benchmarking organizations against ethical values, standards and wise practices
  • Assessing or auditing current levels of ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Recommending actions and priorities to strengthen ethics
  • Investigating ethics complaints and making recommendations

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