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Nonprofit Board Summit Feb 26-28, 2021

Training specific to board members is rare and often expensive. At this amazing event, you get three full days with nonprofit experts from all over the world for a low fee if you sign up NOW (the price will be going up). Here’s your direct link to learning the keys to a high performing board and a transformative volunteer leadership experience.

Are you a CEO or Executive Director of a not-for-profit? Then you want your board to get this development opportunity. You’ll have a better and stronger partnership, and the board will add more value. Here’s your special link to sign up your board members. If you sit on boards yourself, please use the link in the prior paragraph for your own sign-up.

Disclaimer:  I’m one of the speakers! I’ve been serving nonprofit leaders since 1992, and I’ve been on a number of charity, association and government agency boards, in every officer role, as well as having led several not-profits as CEO or Executive Director. I will speak on Day One about effective board meetings.

Jane’s Podcast Interview

My podcast interview on why not-for-profit boards might consider an Interim Executive came out June 11, 2020!

If you listen, please consider adding a rating or review. The podcast series is wonderful; I’m so honoured to have been included.

Badge, Interim Academy Graduate, Third Sector Company

New Certification

Jane graduated in the fall of 2020 from the Interim Executives Academy, Third Sector Company, and is now certified as an Interim Executive (no such certification was available before my Interim CEO and Executive Director roles!). She and her fellow graduates are professional Interim Executives, choosing to provide short-term leadership and not seeking full-time executive roles.

She very highly recommends the Interim Executives Academy for current and prospective Interim Executives, for funders, and for consultants involved with executive transition and succession planning.

Based on her success in prior Interim Executive roles and her new training, she will be using a structured method for advising Interim and new Executive Directors for success in their new roles. She will be an advisor, sounding board and empathetic listener as she helps client leaders be transformational, intentional and methodical. There is more information here on her role as a Peer Mentor to Interim Executives. New pages will be posted shortly on her role as Peer Mentor to new Board Chairs and permanent Executive Directors.

Pro Bono

Jane already has two BIPOC pro bono clients for 2021. Neither are Indigenous and she will still consider adding a pro bono Indigenous client.