Canada’s Trusted Provider of Leadership Services to Chairs, Boards and Senior Management

Our Role and Focus

We help chairs, boards and senior managers lead effectively, ethically and confidently. With our services, you have the enhanced leadership you need to create better futures for your communities and organizations. We serve clients who operate for public or community benefit:  associations, charities and governments, as well businesses with a corporate social responsibility focus.

What kind of services?

We ask and help you answer:

  • Questions that inspire and engage;
  • Questions that generate creativity, curiosity, innovation and a desire to learn more;
  • Questions that help people and organizations reach their highest potential;
  • Questions that draw out and build on the wisdom and knowledge of your people;
  • Questions that motivate your people to find resources and means to achieve the very best results; and
  • Questions that will drive positive change for your community and organization.

We ask great questions – and the order is important – to meet you where you are and help take you to your dreams. We organize and build on your responses, adding our knowledge, experience and recommendations. You will have the strategic information and wise advice you need to set new directions, implement better practices, and lead well and ethically into the future you desire.

Our most recent article: The Case for Board Succession Planning, October-November, Association Magazine, Canadian Society of Association Executives.

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